“At Unitil, we strongly believe in the importance of STEM education and we’re thrilled that New Heights provides local students with innovative STEM programs. New Heights encourages the youth in our community to learn, discover, and explore the world around them, and we’re proud to support their efforts.”
— Carol Valianti, VP of Communications & Public Affairs, Unitil


Each year, New Heights holds exciting community events where the Seacoast rallies to help sponsor youth programming.

For more information on volunteering your time for our programs or events (Golf Tournament or Fall Event), please contact Meghan Rice, [email protected]org.

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If you are looking for a way to further your education or experience working with youth through STEAM, Adventure, or another facet of youth programming, please consider an Internship! To apply, or for more information, please contact Meghan Rice.


New Heights is currently looking for the following help as part of our board!

  • Full Time Board Members
  • Finance Committee Members
  • Events Committee Members
  • Development Committee Members

If this interests you, or for more information, please contact Meghan Rice.

Why New Heights?

Every child has their own unique potential in life, but obstacles abound. As early as the age of 10, kids begin to define themselves in limiting ways. They tell themselves they are bad at math, that they can’t do sports, or can’t draw. That boys are better than girls at science, that only girls like cooking. Popular culture, peer pressure, and limited exposure to new things can cement this self-talk and keep kids stuck for a lifetime.

Our programs are intentionally designed to break these barriers and open minds, by developing engaging, fun, unexpected opportunities to try new things in new ways. And while no two people are made of the same stuff, we’ve found a common formula for success: let youth explore and experience as many developmental dimensions as possible. Our programming focuses on creating an environment where youth are challenged and skills are developed in four key areas:

  • Academic – Experiences in science, technology, engineering, and math
  • Emotional – Pathways for self expression, individuality, creativity, and personal meaning
  • Social – Opportunities for connection to others and the community through team building, collaboration, and service
  • Physical – Adventures that encourage an active lifestyle, self-confidence, and an appreciation of the natural world

While any one of these developmental dimensions can spark imagination and challenge conventional thinking, we work to introduce youth to each — revealing new pathways to help them find their true potential, and new opportunities for passion, curiosity, and reflection.

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