Find Out What People Are Saying About Their New Heights Experience

From Our Parents

Everyone we dealt with from the office to counselors were friendly. My daughter had a great time this summer. There was never a moment where my daughter felt out of place or uncomfortable.
New Heights Parent, Exeter

This is my daughter’s second summer with New Heights and she has loved everything about summer camp. She adores all the staff. I would recommend New Heights to other parents – my daughter learned new skills and made new friends. She tried new things out of her comfort zone. Thank you, New Heights.
Debbie McLean, Newington

This was my son’s first New Heights experience and he loved every minute! Thank you for providing such a wonderful program for our community!!
Jacqui Bryan, Rye

We have always had a wonderful experience through New Heights. The staff are great, making the kids feel comfortable with others in the group right away and provide positive reinforcement without being phony throughout each day. Good effort on the part of the staff to introduce participants to one another and themselves has always resulted in a feeling of cohesion in the group, at least from my child’s experience. Throughout the 4-5 years my child has participated in activities sponsored by New Heights, she has grown tremendously in terms of self confidence and leadership skills.
New Heights Parent, Portsmouth

From Our Participants

“Last night while looking up at the sky, I felt so insignificant and honestly, it was such a great feeling. I love being surrounded by the desert arches and the open night sky.”
Jesse, Traip Academy High School Student- Adirondacks High School Expedition

“To me, New Heights has always been a place to go and de-tox from pressures of teenhood. I can honestly say I have never been on a bad trip. Nowhere else have I been able to learn more about myself, my limitations, and those around me.”
Julia, 16 year old participant- New Heights Texas/New Mexico and Moab High School Expeditions

“The trip to Arches National Park in Utah was so much more than I expected. The friendships, problem solving, teamwork skills, and laughs will stay with me for the rest of my life.”
Taylor, High School Senior- Utah High School Expedition

“New Heights teaches leadership and group building traits that would help anyone get through day to day life better.“
Middle School Participant

From our Sponsors

“At Unitil, we strongly believe in the importance of STEM education and we’re thrilled that New Heights provides local students with innovative STEM programs,” said Carol Valianti, Unitil’s VP of communications and public affairs. “New Heights encourages the youth in our community to learn, discover, and explore the world around them, and we’re proud to support their efforts.”

From Educators

The team building workshop that New Heights created really did make an impact on the kids when they are back in the classroom. Kids that would not raise their hands on Monday will raise their hands on Friday after the workshops. Thanks!
Patricia Lee. Teacher


Why New Heights?

Every child has their own unique potential in life, but obstacles abound. As early as the age of 10, kids begin to define themselves in limiting ways. They tell themselves they are bad at math, that they can’t do sports, or can’t draw. That boys are better than girls at science, that only girls like cooking. Popular culture, peer pressure, and limited exposure to new things can cement this self-talk and keep kids stuck for a lifetime.

Our programs are intentionally designed to break these barriers and open minds, by developing engaging, fun, unexpected opportunities to try new things in new ways. And while no two people are made of the same stuff, we’ve found a common formula for success: let youth explore and experience as many developmental dimensions as possible. Our programming focuses on creating an environment where youth are challenged and skills are developed in four key areas:

  • Academic – Experiences in science, technology, engineering, and math
  • Emotional – Pathways for self expression, individuality, creativity, and personal meaning
  • Social – Opportunities for connection to others and the community through team building, collaboration, and service
  • Physical – Adventures that encourage an active lifestyle, self-confidence, and an appreciation of the natural world

While any one of these developmental dimensions can spark imagination and challenge conventional thinking, we work to introduce youth to each — revealing new pathways to help them find their true potential, and new opportunities for passion, curiosity, and reflection.


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