Challenged to raise $100,000 to match two grants, New Heights turned to the community for support and the results were a resounding success.

Not only did New Heights raise $100,000 to match $50,000 grants from the Foundation for Seacoast Health and Thomas W. Haas Fund of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation, but a late fall fundraising push combined with a fundraising event at LizFit Fitness in Portsmouth netted nearly another $35,000.

“Thank you,” said New Heights Development Director Lee Frank to all of the organization’s donors. “The community responded in enormously generous fashion.”

The challenge was issued last spring and was met by the fall, according to Frank. He noted that 61 percent of the donors who helped New Heights meet the challenge were new, first-time donors, a fact he hopes bodes well as the organization continues to expand its programming and reach into the community.

“I view it as a vote of confidence and now we need to move forward and demonstrate to donors that their confidence is well placed,” he said. “Our programs go nowhere without the support of the community.”

New Heights Executive Director Tracey Tucker said the importance of new donors cannot be overstated.

“I think we were able to expose our programs and what we do to more people,” she said. “Anytime we can do that is a positive. The fact that we received support from so many new people was icing on the cake.”

She added that New Heights is extremely grateful to the Foundation for Seacoast Health and Thomas W. Haas Fund of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation for their continued support.

“They’ve both been unbelievable supporters of ours and provided critical funds to move our programs forward and reach more kids,” she said.

Simon Delekta, senior program officer for the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation, said it was inspiring to see the number of people who stepped up to help New Heights meet the challenge.

“The community really came through, and because of their generosity New Heights is better positioned to bring positive experiences to hundreds of kids across the Seacoast,” he said.

Outside of the challenge, Frank said about $30,000 was raised during the organization’s annual fall fundraising appeal, an effort that included fundraising events where students and families who have taken part in their programs share their experiences.

He said the various events represented an opportunity for the organization to showcase the skills it teaches students, skills he said that research shows are lacking in the current workforce. These skills include communication, problem solving, leadership and team building.

“We have a compelling story to tell about the impact we have on the young people who participate in our programs,” he said. “The ability to tell potential donors what we’re already doing and what we have planned down the road is important.”

An additional $5,000 was also raised for New Heights during a special December spin class fundraiser at LizFit in Portsmouth.

Tucker and Frank said the money will be invested back into New Heights programs, including scholarships and the expansion of partnerships with the Portsmouth School District as well as elementary schools in Newington and Saint Patrick Academy in Portsmouth.

Founded in 1987, New Heights provides experiential learning programs that range from Adventure to STEAM. Once offered out-of-school, many of these programs are now available in the classroom and/or during the school day in select school districts.

February 13th, 2018

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Adventure programFor nearly 30 years, New Heights in Portsmouth and Exeter has made adventure one of its primary offerings in both its school and summer programs. More than simply taking participants on random excursions on hiking trails or on surfboards in the ocean, New Heights adventure programs place youth in situations where skills like leadership and teambuilding are actively developed and encouraged.

For Joanie Dickinson, whose son Drew has participated in overnight programs in which he canoed in the Adirondacks and backpacked in Utah, the programs are life-changing.

“New Heights is inspirational to children and their parents,” she said. “The New Heights programs and staff are consistent but also changing by being open minded and adding programs as need be.”

Tracey Tucker, longtime executive director at New Heights, said adventure programs “demand accountability from youth in supportive environments,” which she said is crucial to their emotional development. (more…)

February 20th, 2017

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In the Know

Bringing in experts from across southern New Hampshire, New Heights’ next In the Know panel discussion, The Adolescent Brain: Words, Actions, and Habits—Communicating with your Developing Adolescent, will focus on adolescents and the family dynamic. Citing social media as just one factor that often “trips up” many parents, New Heights Executive Director Tracey Tucker said the discussion will provide tools and strategies that will benefit any caregiver.

“Parents today are navigating a world that is substantially different than the one in which they grew up,” she said. “This discussion will get right to issues that cause great concern for parents.” (more…)

December 25th, 2016

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Fab Find

Open for a little more than 5 years, The Fabulous Find in Kittery has turned donated designer clothing and home décor into a fundraising juggernaut. With its latest monthly donation—more than $7,200 each to New Heights and the NH Theatre Project—The Fabulous Find has given away $774,983 to local nonprofits.

“We were started by a few women who had an idea for a different type of resale shop—something above the typical thrift shop, but not quite a consignment shop,” said Marcye Philbrook, board president and one of several founders. “We also resolved to beautifully display the merchandise and shoot for a better quality of item.” (more…)

December 22nd, 2016

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